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The Crypto Market Integrity Coalition brings together market participants in the digital asset space who are committed to enabling a safe and sensibly-regulated crypto ecosystem.

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Our Commitment

CMIC members are committed to the principles stated in the Code of Conduct and the CMIC Pledge and agree that, regardless of regulatory requirements, market activity should be reviewed and monitored on a reasonable ongoing basis for purposes of detecting and eliminating Market Manipulation and market abuse. CMIC members recognize that instances of fraud and manipulation are illegal, and commit to preventing these activities to the best of their ability.

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CMIC members are actively monitoring digital asset markets to promote market integrity and prevent manipulation.  

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Resource Library

The Crypto Market Integrity Coalition seeks to support its members with information that will aid their transition to ensure safe crypto markets. Below is a continuously-updated collection of expert research, best practices and news from
CMIC’s founding partners and members.

Together, Integrity, Leadership

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